On fear and love

Our most prominent fears come up in relationships. Being Alone is comfortable for us; our demons are relatively familiar and predictable, But together - one must be held accountable, transcribe feelings and emotions of discomfort, distress, and disconnection.

As singles, we got used to retrieving to ourselves, but as a couple – we are facing a mirror, and there is no choice but to look. We do not always like what we see, but it helps us identify the places that need attention and improvement.

I believe that the desire to be more beautiful in the eyes of your spouse is the most robust desire for development. When I’m prettier in her eyes, automatically I am more beautiful to myself, because that is how I reflect in the mirror in front of me.

What makes us more attractive is when we are brave enough to leave the comfort zone and overcome fears.

The action of going out of ourselves makes us sexier in the eyes of the partner. That is why we must seek at least one small fear a day and overcome it, transform it into love.

I wish we were not afraid to love.

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