Time for a change

“Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.”

― José Saramago

You’ve probably noticed how time flies at the speed of light,
with extreme fluctuations in moods – from euphoria to abyss of frustration and confusion.

We entered another time zone with its own rules.

The need for change feels sudden, but it has been cooking inside for a long time, perhaps decades.

A lot of people are Fed up with specific life situation they are in: work, relationships, living arrangments, something does not work.

Ask yourself, “If I do everything by the book, why am I not happy?”.

We are all part of a disguised control system whose job it is to keep us unhappy. There is no conspiracy here; it is only our self who fell asleep on watch.

Now it is the time of going out into the light,
breaking conventions, smashing the illusions and stories we have always told about ourselves, or heard from our family.

Today it is clear that these stories no longer match our authentic selves.

Lack of authenticity = lack of realization = suffering.

So what does this mean in practice?
First, we need to abandon the sinking ship.
Second, think outside the box in each aspect of our lives.
Third, jump to the other side to see what awaits us there.

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